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Glass display cabinets. Retail cases. Table top cases. Revolving showcases.
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Glass showcase is our business. We deal with two major manufactures in Italy for over 30 years, because we understand the value of quality and consistency.

Glass cases are one of our most popular styles of presentation. Their modern and sophisticated designs are produced using high-quality glass, to ensure flawless and safety approved products.

Our range comprises of small tabletop cases, retail counters and tower cabinets with additional storage, trophy cases, revolving cabinets and a large selection of aisle display cases. With such a wide variety of choices, we are here to help you personalise the perfect display cabinet for you, with a range of sizes, colours and lighting.

Aluminium frame showcases

Our highly durable Aluminium framed showcases are perfect for any retail space, schools and universities. Complete with lockable door functions and interior lighting as standard, we also offer supply units with additional storage compartments for extra security.

Frameless Showcases

Our range of frameless glass showcases counters, revolving cases and retail shop counters are made with high quality toughened glass. All our products come health and safety certified to the highest standard.

Our products are easy to assemble, with all wooden components pre-constructed for your convenience.

Curved Glass Showcases

Our sleek curved cabinets are the perfect blend of design and quality. Suitable for any residential or commercial use, this collection is available in various sizes from 90cm in height. We offer a range of colours and designs in styles such as our tall slim towers units, corner displays and revolving tower showcases. We also offer adjustable floating shelves, allowing you to customise your display, to your needs.

Welcome to Planet Display - Your

One-Stop Shop for Wide Range of Glass Display Cabinets

, Museum, Shop, Jewellery, Trophy, Commercial and personal use for your home

Planet Display is an independent family run company that specialises in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Glass display cabinets, Tabletop Cabinets, Wall-mounted Cabinets, Retail Displays, Revolving Showcases, Jewellery Display Cabinet, Wall Units, and Aisle Displays. We are specialized in custom design displays for all your requirements.

Our Showcases and Commercial Display Cabinet or Trophy Display Cabinets are predominantly for retail and home displays. We supply both commercial and retail businesses as well as home users. Our products are carefully designed in partnership with our associates in Italy; this ensures our products’ unique design and style. At Planet Display, our passion and focus is on creating and supplying quality, durable and unique Glass Display Cabinets. A lot of our products like Jewellery Display Cabinet, Trophy Display Cabinets and Shop Display Cabinets are used for displaying Jewellery, Vapes, Electronic Cigarettes, China, Trophies, collectables, and antiques amongst other items.

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At Planet Display, our passion and focus is on creating and supplying quality, durable and unique Glass Display Cabinet. A lot of our products like Jewellery Display Cabinet, Trophy Display Cabinets And Shop Display Cabinets are used for displaying Jewellery, Vapes, Electronic Cigarettes, China, Trophies, collectables, and antiques amongst other items.

Our objective is to meet our customers’ needs with the right style of presentation, quality and consistency in every product. All our products i.e. Wall Mounted Display Cabinet, Commercial Display Cabinet, Museum Display Cases Or Glass Corner Display Cabinet are all quality assured, tested and approved by our health and safety team before they are shipped.

Planet Display’s Range of Glass Display Cabinets and Other Products

Our range of products includes but is not limited to

Table-top Cases

Retail Counters

Tower Cabinets With Storage

Trophy Display Cases

Revolving Cabinets

Museum Display Cases

Glass Display Cabinet

Wall Display Cabinets

Wall Mounted Display Cabinet

Corner Display Cabinet

Shop Display Cabinets

Jewellery Display Cabinet

Trophy Display Cabinets

Commercial Display Cabinet

Jewellery Display Cabinets

In addition to the above, we also offer a large selection of aisle display cases. With the wide range of cabinets and displays in our catalogue, you are guaranteed to find the right product based on size, colour, and design to suit your needs and taste.

Planet Display is a family run business and we pride ourselves in delivering high quality and unique products for commercial, retail, and personal needs depending on your requirements. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have worked with a large number of businesses within both the private and public sectors such as corporate companies, museums, galleries, hospitals, shops and educational institutions.

At Planet Display, we understand that every customer has different requirements and taste. To ensure that every customer is satisfied we also offer a variety of customized and personalized products. Therefore, regardless of the design theme or interior aesthetic, you will be sure to find the perfect product that best suits your needs.

Why Display Cabinets of Planet Display Widely Appreciable?

Display Cabinets are the perfect way to display valuable objects and item. They will enhance the environment for every item that is displayed within them; our products are dust, proof and minimalist so not distracting from the items on display. Our Museum Display Cases, Commercial Display Cabinet, Jewellery Display Cabinet, And the Shop Display Cabinets have been used to display items such as Sideshow Statues, Trophies, Fine Jewellery and Watches and other prized possessions!

Wall Mounted Display Cabinet has been a great way for shop owners to display their merchandise and show off their products. All of our showcase and display cabinets use the latest lighting technology, they are durable to ensure longevity, security, and versatility. We combine all of these key aspects into our designs to ensure that we are supplying our customers with quality products.

The Trophy Display Cabinets and Jewellery Display Cabinet are made to be more in keeping with their surroundings. By doing this, most retailers such as Vape and Jewellery shops will see an improvement in awareness of their products, which can ultimately lead to more revenue for the stores!

There are several things to consider when purchasing your display cabinet. Firstly, where will you be placing the Glass Display Cabinet? Ensure you have enough space by measuring the area in width and depth; if space is limited, consider buying a wall mounted display cabinets or Glass Corner Cabinet. We also recommend your display furniture be placed away from direct sunlight or radiators as excess heat can warp materials. You will also need to consider whether you have the means to assemble the cabinet or if you’d prefer the unit to arrive fully assembled.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for then we also specialise in Bespoke designs to suit your needs.  We are able to offer a bespoke service for that something special, whether it be and individual showcase, your own personal range or to fit your shop layout, we are happy to discuss in full your requirements, how you want your product to be showcased and work with you to get the right cabinet.

At Planet Display, we offer unrivalled features and benefits compared to some cheaper glass display cabinets on the market. All our display cabinets and counters are built to a high standard for the retail and commercial environment.

We have been able to manufacture the best quality glass display cabinet for quite a long time because of our experience and skilled professionals who have years of experience in this genre. Over the years, we have been able to retain the status as the most preferred glass display cabinet manufacturers and that is because of our flexibility and the quality of the work that we deliver. We have always met the expectations of our clients and more importantly, it is the timeliness that we have focused on. Our staffs include the expert professionals from every profession like engineers, visual designers, carpenters, electricians and even marketing experts.

With the combined effort and the expertise of this team, we at Planet Display have been able to design all major types of display cabinets. From Glass display showcases, Aluminium frameless display cabinet, frameless cabinet to curved glass cabinet display and Glass Wall Display Cabinet Owing to the assistance of our experts, we have also designed the glass display cabinet not only for the individual but also offered the display solutions for mass production.

We understand and even know how to shape the customer experience that can help in counting in a better purchasing decision. To design the display cabinet we utilise cutting-edge technology so that any item that we design can easily meet the taste and preferences of the clients. We can even optimise the visual effect of the displays so that they can perfectly match the very layout of your store. In fact, the customized option of display showcase has a beneficial impact on sales and even the customer satisfaction that comes for shopping. Likewise, we have the experience to create better display cabinets that can help in delivering shop solutions that can help in representing your brand in its own space. While designing the glass display cabinet, we ensure to add the values and attributes that can positively influence your own brand identity, essentially when you install it in the retail environment.