Fay solid counter 100cm wide

Product Code#: PDF029 Dimensions: 100 × 46 × 90 cm


At Planet Display, we have a FAY all-glass counter 100 cm wide with a four-shelf cabinet. All of our glass counters are designed with strong material that strengthens the unit and ensures quality and longevity. The range of FAY all-glass counter is available in a choice of two colours added with lockable doors and all with castors on the base. Some of the units have MDF laminated wood finish.



Every business, home or office that has something to showcase always uses a stunning tower display cabinet and here at Planet Display, we offer a wide range of FAY all-glass counter 100 cm wide. The range includes an exclusive selection of cabinets that are with frame, frameless, revolving, hexagonal cabinets and many others. All these glass counters are designed using the finest materials and are available in different designs that you can purchase at competitive and affordable prices. To make sure about the longevity and durability of the product, the glass cabinets are manufactured using tempered safety glass and other materials. In order to meet the demands of the customers, FAY glass counters are available in a variety of styles, finishes and design  that can complement any style of interior décor.

At Planet Display, FAY glass display showcases are available in different styles  and configurations, which you can purchase at affordable prices. The range of glass display cabinets are highly durable and are long-lasting that come with lockable features making them the perfect solution to display valuable items, artefacts and gifts.

For your convenience, we also offer an assembling service. Just click the box at checkout.



Product code: PDF029
Type: FAY
Width (cm): 100
Depth(cm): 46
Height (cm): 90
Colour: GREY
Overall size: 100w x 46d x 90h cm
Number of shelves:
Adjustable shelves:
Thickness of glass:
Base unit size:
Top lights:
Side lights:
Warranty: 1 year
Total Weight: 38 KG

Delivery & Returns

Delivery & Returns

Free delivery means we will send one driver with your goods to your delivery address and will expect you to arrange someone to help the driver to take the item out of the van and take the item to your front or delivery door. Please note most of the larger units will require more the 2 people to lift the item. it will be customers responsibility to take the item into your premises. All delivery date are given in good faith, It is always our best interest to deliver goods on time. Please read our condition of sales.

Return policy

Return policy

All glass showcases are made to order only and we do not except any returns unless item is faulty or it dose not match the product that was ordered.

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